Hygienist Services

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At Old Street Dental Clinic we have a team of highly skilled, experienced hygienists with availability to suit your busy schedule including early mornings, late evenings and weekend appointments.

The hygienist’s main work is to prevent and treat gum disease. This includes professionally cleaning your teeth by removing plaque and tartar (usually called a ‘scale and polish’ or a prophylaxis).

Air-flow jet polishing

If your teeth are heavily stained from tea, coffee, red wine or smoking, the AIR-FLOW can give you an instantly brighter, cleaner smile in just 30 great minutes. The AIR-FLOW system releases a jet of compressed air, water and fine sodium bicarbonate particles at the surface of your teeth to remove tooth staining, plaque and debris instantly and painlessly.

Your hygienist appointment

  • Our hygienist will give advice about diet and about preventing tooth decay. The hygienist will work with your dental team to give you care that is tailored to your needs.
  • Each patient is treated as an individual, so your appointment will be tailored to your needs and concerns. These may vary from a gum health assessment, professional cleaning, advise on homecare products, dietary advice, smoking cessation and any bad breath issues.
  • Some dentists will do this type of work, however many realise that the hygienist has been specially trained to carry out hygiene therapies and can spend longer with you, they will encourage and motivate you on how to look after your teeth and gums.
  • Patients needs differ and we pride ourselves on ensuring that the length of any appointment is tailored to your needs. This may vary between 30 -60 minute appointment times.