Wisdom Teeth / Oral Surgery

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Tooth extraction is a procedure regularly carried out at our clinic to the highest standards. Our well-trained team aims to give you the least emotionally traumatic experience possible. The procedure may or may not involve surgery and bone removal, depending on the condition and position of the tooth and the surrounding bone.

Using our latest machines, including our CBCT 3D scanner we will be able to assess and plan your extractions in line with the latest research findings and evidence-based practice.

Wisdom teeth

Wisdom teeth are the most commonly extracted teeth. This may be due to the lack of space for them to erupt, the damage they can potentially cause to the neighbouring teeth, or simply due to pain and infection to the tooth itself or the surrounding tissue.

Oral Surgery after care

Most tooth extractions are a straightforward procedure, followed by at-home care that should include rest and careful care of the extraction site. Your dentist will discuss what to expect during and after your extraction, as well as your aftercare procedure.